Fan Comments

The best fireworks display ever!

Is a phrase we hear repeatedly by fans every year after the event.  Before the smoke has even cleared and the clean up begins it is echoed through the long lines of people (an estimated 7,000 were in attendance in 2015) as they return to their cars “that was by far the best fireworks display I have ever seen!”  In the following days and weeks, social media and discussion forums are buzzing with comments and people uploading dozens of videos from Pyromania every year.  YouTube has become populated with hundreds of user submitted videos of the event and they start appearing before the fireworks have even ended.  With today’s smart phone technology it’s only a matter of minutes for those not in attendance to start seeing content popping up with the search term “pyromania”

best fireworks displayThe image at left is one of the undisputed fan favorites, and just one of the many examples of what makes people say this truly is the best fireworks display you will ever see, anywhere!  The image is of a massive wall of fire set up by Bill Corbett of Memphis, TN.

If you were at Brookdale Farms in Eureka, MO September 19th for the massive fireworks competitions and best firework displays in the Midwest drop a post below and let everyone know what they missed!