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SEPTEMBER 21, 2019

At Cedar Lake Cellars In Wright City, MO


A very limited number of Cedar Lake Cellars Viewing Party tickets are available. View information here. (Note: This is a 21 & up party on the winery grounds that will have a limited view of the Pyromania show.)

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Leave it to the professionals to create the ultimate annual fireworks show! The nation’s top fireworks choreographers gather to showcase their pyromusicals – an artistic combination of music and pyrotechnics – which are more simply described as “concerts in the sky.”

Known as the largest show in the region, Pyromania creates a series of approximately 10 displays to impress and amaze a 8,000+ audience for more than two straight hours. This is one of the only pyrotechnic competitions in the entire U.S. that has everything from large shell (up to 12” in diameter!) demonstrations to irresistible gasoline fireballs. You don’t want to miss out on this thrilling fun!

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