The Best Firework Show Videos!

Pyromania hosts some of the very best displays you will ever see anywhere in the world, making it a top event for viewing fireworks in St Louis.   Over a two to three hour period you will see computer fired pyro-musicals matched to music played through a concert quality sound system, simulated nuclear explosions, giant shells costing as much as $250.00 each!  Each year we also take a legal consumer fireworks effect and do a “mass launch” with an insane amount of them, in years past we have lit 100,000 saturn missiles, 240 500g cakes, 1,000 girandola’s all at the same time…you don’t want to miss 2014!

RKM Fireworks 2015 Award Winning Fireworks Display.

2013 winning Pro-Am Display

2014 National Anthem by MoPyro

2014 Pro-Am 3rd Place Tye Hanke

2014 Pro-Am 2nd Place Chris Wall

2014 Winning Pro-Am Display by Peter Rogoz

Kansas City Area Pyrotechnicians Display

2014 Final Display By Bill Collins, TNT Tim and Team Xtreme

Team Xtreme has been a staple at Pyromania since the early years and is always a crowd favorite.  While the norm has become highly technical firework displays, Bill Collins and his crew never fail to get some of the largest crowd roars with their use of scenes, runs and effect combinations that fill the sky.   When Team Xtreme arrives to shoot fireworks in St Louis, it's probably a good idea to wear ear protection!

Casabella Pyrotechnics Display

Casabella Pyrotechnics performed it;s first display of fireworks in St Louis at Pyromania 9, and sure made their mark with this memorable pyromusical!  They have been added to the list of companies to invite for a closing display at future events.